We will not be having a doe show this year.  We are going back to being strictly a wether show.
Doe kids will be eligible to show in the wether show.

Please feel free to right click on any picture that is on the Lone Star Elite
website and save it to your computer. You may then either print it out
or upload it to the site of your choice for printed pictures.

Lone Star Elite Jackpot
Date: November 14, 2015
Show Time: 11:00 AM

San Angelo Fairgrounds Sheep & Goat Barn

**Premier Exhibitor Award**
Hi-Pro Feeds is sponsoring a premier exhibitor award again this year. They have come up with a point system and will be awarding a very nice buckle to the winner.

For every entry the exhibitor gets 4 points. Points will also be given on placings from 1st to 12th place. For example a 1st place goat will earn 12 points and a 12th place goat will earn 1 point. Three bonus points will be given to exhibitors that enter goats that were raised by 3 or more different producers.

Friday Night Showmanship Show & Supper
Time: 7:30 PM
Belt buckles will be awarded in each age division.

There will be 3 age divisions for showmanship.
Junior Division (9 years and younger)
Intermediate Division (10-13 years of age)
Senior Division (14-19 years of age)
Showmanship participants will show in the age category
according to their age on the day of the show.

We hope to see everyone on Friday night.
We will show goats, eat supper and have a great time.


2012 Wethers
Weight Breaks

Class 1 45-60   Class 7 77-79
Class 2 61-65   Class 8 80-81
Class 3 66-69   Class 9 82-83
Class 4 70-72   Class 10 84-87
Class 5 73-74   Class 11 88-93
Class 6 75-76   Class 12 94-108


2013 Wethers
Weight Breaks

Class 1 44-58   Class 7 76-78
Class 2 59-62   Class 8 79-80
Class 3 64-66   Class 9 81-84
Class 4 67-70   Class 10 85-88
Class 5 71-73   Class 11 89-94
Class 6 74-75   Class 12 95-112


2013 Does
Weight Breaks

Class 1 59-73
Class 2 74-82
Class 3 83-110



We would like to say a huge Thank you to all of our buckle donors this year.
Purple Circle
Oklahoma Show Goats
Basic Science
Angelo Pellets
Bruton Trailers

Jacket Donor - Premier Genetics


Lone Star Elite Jackpot   For more information contact
Kenneth Helms - 806.455.1304 (Home) 806.640.4104 (Cell)

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