Lone Star Elite Jackpot Rules and Regulations
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  1. Immediate family members or persons living in the same household of a sponsoring producer will be ineligible to show in the jackpot.
  2. All eligible goats must have been purchased directly from a participating producer. Goats that are purchased by a ranch customer and then resold will NOT be eligible.
  3. All eligible goats will have been raised by the sponsoring producer. (Absolutely no trader goats or validation of goats raised by a non-participating producer.)
  4. All eligible goats will be tag-validated. The Validation Committee will make the final decision on how goats will be validated.
  5. Unethical feeding and/or fitting practices in strictly prohibited by The Lone Star Elite Jackpot Show.
  6. Goats must be purchased prior to October 1st of the current jackpot show year.
  7. Any students (K-12th grade) are eligible to show.
  8. Wethers as well as doe kids are eligible to show.
  9. Horned goats must have horns tipped.
  10. All entries will be subject to random drug testing. Each class winner will be tested after they have finished showing in the division drive, with the exception of the division champion and reserve, which will be tested at the end of the show. The Grand Champion and the Reserve Grand Champion will always be tested. There must be a responsible party with the animal at all times until the veterinarian has completed the collection of urine from the animal being tested and until any and all signatures needed from responsible party are obtained.

    The Lone Star Elite Jackpot Show reserves the right to collect urine samples for laboratory analysis on any animal entered in the competition. The conclusions reached by the TVMDL shall be final and conclusive without recourse against The Lone Star Elite Jackpot Show or any officer, director, or member thereof or any veterinarian as appointed by the membership. The exhibitor waves any right of action which he or she might have for any action taken under this rule and release The Lone Star Elite Jackpot Show and the veterinarian from any and all claims or demands whatsoever in the connection with the testing of any animal by reason of conclusion of samples submitted to TVMDL. The exhibitor and their immediate family (or an animal testing positive for any "performance enhancing" drug, chemical or feeding additive) will forfeit any money, premiums, or prizes to be awarded. In addition, the exhibitor and their immediate family will forfeit all rights and privileges to exhibit livestock in any future Lone Star Elite Jackpot Shows. All exhibitors entering the show, by paying entry money and presenting entry weight cards to The Lone Star Elite Jackpot Show, in doing so agrees to the conditions set forth in the above.
  11. There will be no weight limit.
  12. There will be an official weigh-in conducted by designated LSE members.
  13. Entries are due by November 1st of the current jackpot year.
  14. Current entry fee is $35.00.
  15. Late entries will be accepted the day of the show. Late entry fee is $45.00 (cash only).
  16. All entries must have a Lone Star Elite validation tag.  (This is a round button tag with “LSEJ” and a number.  Please do not cut these out when you do your state validation for the Texas shows.) 
  17. All goats must be weighed by 9:00 AM. Weighing of goats will take place from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM.
  18. Show will begin at 11:00 AM.
  19. Exhibitors will be responsible for animal bedding.
  20. Exhibitors shall be responsible for all of the security, safety, and care of their animal.
  21. LSEJ reserves the right to refuse any exhibitors entry.
Guaranteed Payout
Place     Payout      Place      Payout
1st         $1000        7th         $150
2nd        $750          8th         $100
3rd         $600          9th         $75
4th         $450          10th        $50
5th         $300          11th        $35
6th         $200          12th        $35

Grand Champion $7,500.00
Reserve Grand Champion $2,500.00

Lone Star Elite Jackpot   For more information contact
Kenneth Helms - 806.455.1304 (Home) 806.640.4104 (Cell)

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